Investments & Adventures: December

Anticipation of 2020 travel, a Charlotte visit, & celebration.

I’ll keep this last one brief– on New Year’s Eve, I have a 27-hour travel day as I head to the Philippines with my grandparents. Plenty of time for end-of-the-year retrospection & 2020 goal planning 😉

My adventure for December was a trip to Charlotte to spend time with my good friend Alisha for her birthday! We were able to go to a Panthers game, drink & eat lots of yummy things, & have many meaningful conversations about how the Lord is working in each of our lives.

img_1139                img_0076

This month’s investment was in celebration! On top of celebrating Alisha’s birthday, I was able to celebrate with two of my best friends for some monumental moments: Rachel graduated from ECU and Brooke got engaged! Not to mention the celebration of Jesus for the Christmas season.

img_1131                      img_1233

It’s a joy to have such special things to celebrate, but sometimes in life that isn’t the case. Sometimes it’s painful to choose celebration because it would be so much easier to take a look at our circumstances, and sulk in them. Even if we know, perhaps deep down, that “things could be worse.” Don’t let that phrase make you think you are no longer entitled to your feelings, but at the same time: choose to celebrate anyway. No unfortunate circumstance we face here on earth can compare to the heavenly glory we will experience later if we are followers of Jesus. So choose to celebrate when it’s hard & when it hurts, because with the Lord the best is always still to come.

P.S. I was blown away by how many people told me they actually read these Investments & Adventures things of mine in 2019! I started this blog simply as a response to God asking me to share more of my experiences. It was mainly for my own “records” to reflect on my growth & what God is doing in my life, so I wouldn’t forget his faithfulness in the seasons where he is quieter than others. The I&A concept just came to me one day and I knew it would be the perfect way to hold myself accountable for writing at least once a month. I plan to do the same in 2020, but with less of a “monthly recap” and more of a biblical focus. I hope someone was able to glean something about the Lord’s character from these blogs & that you’ll stick with me in this new decade. 🙂


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