About Me

Hi, I’m Michaela but many of my friends & family know me as Mickey. If you’re reading this, odds are you already know me, but if you happen not to, I’ll leave it up to you to call me whichever name you prefer.

In conversation, the quicker we can skip past the surface & get to the stuff that really matters to you–the better. There are few things I enjoy talking about more than big dreams. I’m learning to share mine with safe people in appropriate doses, while simultaneously offering them in passing to strangers in an attempt to continuously hold myself accountable to them.

Being outdoors & in the quiet of my candlelit bedroom are two places where I find my purest joy. I’m tickled by learning definitions of words & I won’t read a book without a highlighter–yet I am always in the middle of one. Writing is cathartic for me; I enjoy reflecting by creating, and this blog provides a home for a selection of those reflective creations.

I bask in Sabbath’s sweetness each week & hope to spread the peace found there with others. I strive to actively view time as a gift & to live with a global & eternal perspective. I ask, what is the next right thing? I do not desire what is normal. I yearn for adventure, adrenaline, & abundance of community. I love Jesus with my whole heart & at the end of the day, I’m just a girl trying to become more like Him.

This blog is intended to not only be a personal memoir for my own sake, but also an encouragement to whomever stumbles upon my writing. I spent a long, dark season far away from God. I super-struggled with depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and the repercussions of my habitual sins. I didn’t know what real joy was, and I certainly didn’t have any to share with others. But in the fall of 2017, God’s relentless pursuit of my heart became palpable. I resolved that I would never make a better decision than to follow Jesus.

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