Investments & Adventures: February

A planned dance, camping in New Mexico, & spring anticipation.

I usually hate February. I can’t recall too many notable things happening in my life during this month. However 2019 had some unexpectedly good days for me. To start, this month’s investment was in my career!

I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to serve as event coordinator for a Father Daughter Dance hosted on base. I’ve recognized my interest in event planning for a while now, as it was my concentration in college, but this event completely revamped my career aspirations by reminding me how passionate I am about this part of recreation. From creating the decorations, to contacting & contracting the vendors, to choosing the menu, every aspect of planning this dance was a blast for me. Seeing it all come together on February 13th was worth all of the hard work everyone put in. I couldn’t have done it without my friend Yajaunte who did so much of the organizing & creating with me, and of course all of the other staff & volunteers who showed up. Over 300 guests were able to enjoy a special night with their families and I was able to uncover a little more of what God has in store for my career. On top of shifting my career focus back to event planning, I made another big decision for my future which I’m stoked to share more about in the months to come!

My adventure of the month was a girl’s trip to New Mexico with Yajaunte! We had a long weekend over President’s Day and wanted to get away, but most of the places we had in mind originally were too far since I had to work on Saturday. Albuquerque ended up being our final destination and to be honest, it was humorously underwhelming. I think we had more fun just laughing about our destination choice (as we drove for hours on what felt like a road to nowhere) than we did at any of the places we went. BUT, we did end up taking an aerial tramway that provided some gorgeous views. We walked around Old Town with the cutest local shops, ate some amazing food (not referring to the gourmet Lunchables in my campfire picture below), and camped out in some pretty cold weather. This sweet friendship has already given me the best memories, even in the mundane things. Our adventure together next month definitely won’t be a disappointing destination choice!

I determined myself to have a positive outlook on 2019, especially in the first couple of winter months. God has already done nothing but show up & show off in my life and the anticipation for what’s to come is welling up inside of me more than ever before. Now that spring is on its way, it can only keep getting better from here!