Easter Everywhere

Our celebration could never be canceled.

Today I drove around my hometown with the windows down, worship music blaring, my voice cracking as I sang as painfully loud as I could.

I passed dozens of families enjoying the sunshine, but their smiles felt warmer than anything else.

Someone on a firetruck stood tall in a bunny suit, entourage vehemently waving back to my honking.

A lively congregation of parked cars in a church lot raised flags & hands in reverence of our risen King, bringing me to tears.

All of this after watching my pastor preach from a laptop at the kitchen table in a tie-dye t-shirt.

Very few things about this Easter came as I would have expected weeks ago. But the story has not changed, and this celebration could never be canceled. Jesus’ death and resurrection is the single greatest act of love this world will ever know. Take today to digest the fact that Jesus was a human man who walked on the same Earth we do. He was crucified: nails hammered into his hands & feet, left hanging there until He died. Priests & passersby mocked Him with the audacity to laugh as he suffered.

Remind yourself of this again tomorrow.

Let us never forget the inconceivable sacrifice Jesus made so we could enter into relationship with Him. Let the story of Easter never lose its shock factor. Let us find joy in this season of uncertainty in the glimpses of His goodness we still get to witness every day, when we widen our perspective enough to look for it. The glory of Easter is everywhere.